An Edilean Vook

Jude Deveraux’s newest novella, Promises, is a story of passion and mystery set on a 19th century plantation where a beautiful young writer finds herself falling for the last man she ever expected to love. Promises is available EXCLUSIVELY as a vook.

Promises will captivate old and new fans alike with romance, mystery and breathtaking original videos that immerse you in life on a South Carolina plantation in 1800.

Ethne McTern knows exactly what she wants in life: to observe the world around her and write about it. The last thing she is looking for is a husband.

Jamie Armitage is a son of one of the wealthiest men in the country. In order to avoid the arranged meetings with women his family wants him to marry, he escapes to the unchartered territories of America, becoming a renowned explorer.

The two meet on the Armitage plantation in the most unlikely scenario and soon find themselves trying to unravel a murder mystery. Watch and read as you follow the story of Jamie and Ethne’s love. And connect with your friends and a community of romance readers through links to social media.